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If I only I used my hands-on Web-based knowledge and what I knew about the Internet in 1990s, I would have been rich. But, the greatest reward was knowing that what many envisioned about this technology as early as 1989, has truly happened. What separated me from those who made money during the DotCom era is they used the new and little knowledge they had and they acted ike experts. It worked because their belief and passion about this technology has transformed many and made them millionaires.

In my case, I used my knowledge towards my true passion - using the power of technology in enhancing the lives of the community we served and in so doing I improved my own life.

Perhaps, in the future I will have the opportunity to independently implement web-based solutions in keeping with my own passion.

- Imelda Roberts


Career and Technology

A human resources career and technology sometimes do not go hand in hand, but in the case of Imelda who has hands-on technical skills, her career and technology are a perfect blend. Imelda Roberts is known for her impressive and significant command in technology.

Just like other endeavors she has taken before, her lack of formal background in technology did not prevent her from riding on the wave of the future, and in some cases she was ahead of her time.

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Self-taught, her own initiative and passion to learn new technologies made her learn HTLM programming on her own at a time when the first Internet browser has yet to be released. This passion for technology ultimately paid off resulting in numerous speaking engagements at state as well as at national level.

In 1993, she was the only speaker in the National Organization Development Network Annual Conference to discuss the power of the Web, through her own presentation "Connecting with the World Through Technology." Her vision on what the future holds for web-based technology were on target. From online career network she discussed in "Job Opportunities and Business Series," her first book published in 1989, to prediction of social network, e-commerce, link exchanges, and more, her grasp on the power of technology served her well leading to statewide recognition.

With these exceptional skills in her portfolio, she designed and implemented websites and streamlined processes through the use of online resources for her employers and several organizations in the country. She played key roles in technology and strategic planning process with the Enoch Pratt Free Library culminating in numerous funding for this high esteemed nonprofit educational institution in the City of Baltimore.

Imelda was also the first person to develop the Internet training program for the citizens of the City of Baltimore implemented by Enoch Pratt Free Library in early 1993 at a time when the web was very new. The State of Maryland was the first state in the US to offer Internet email and access to the general public through its SAILOR project. She was also the first person to develop the State of Maryland Technology Showcase website. As a member of Technology Access and Equity in the State of Maryland, she was involved in major statewide programs on issues of digital divide, technology access for the disabled and other issues important to her. She was active in many projects including he first ever school-wide Internet connections. She designed the Maryland Techno-Van project culminating in the Governor's and General Assembly funding approvals.

As a result of her volunteer contributions to the State of Maryland, she was a recipient of three-year consecutive awards from former Governor Parris Glendening for her “Dedication to Technology in the State of Maryland.” Generous with her expertise and on volunteer basis, she was also the first person to design the website for the Governor's Information Technology Board, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the Local Government Personnel Association, the National Certified Public Managers Consortium, and other non profit associations.

Imelda Roberts received three-year consecutive awards from formerGovernor Parris Glendening for her Dedication to Technology in the State of Maryland.

Imelda Roberts received Quality Performance Award from former Mayor James Grimes, the City of Frederick, for her outstanding contributions in human resources and technology. As a Cabinet Official - Chief of Human Resources and Information Technology, Imelda led the entire City of Frederick technology efforts including its first migration to web-based technologies.

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