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- Imelda Roberts


Fashion from Passion

Imelda Roberts creative projects over the last ten years have been mostly focused on writing, composing and designing products for their family-owned farm boutique.

However, her natural love for fashion and accessories found a home in her heart as she explored how she can share lovely work of arts inspired by nature all around their farm where she currently lives with her family. 

Her passion grew into a fashion creations and is currently working on her "Bagful of Arts" Collection to be released in 2020.  Based on her photography and artwork, she collaborates with artists to handpaint her designs in leather bags.  She personally curates the bags that will be used for this purpose.

Imelda also has done her first Sterling Silver Signature Jewelry Collection for their farm boutique, Blue Dreams USA.  She is working on other jewelry designs inspired by nature in and around their farm.


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