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I came in America in 1984, hoping for a better opportunity. But just like many immigrants, my education, professional career, and management experience with the Philippines' largest private corporation had to be set aside to start a new life in the Land of Opportunity.

I started as a maid and Personal Assistant to the Ambassador of Australia serving food to high level officials and diplomatic powers. This experience served me well. Listening to conversations during dinners among the most powerful people in Washington, DC made me realized my passion for human resources could be best used in nonprofit, public or government environment. I held on to this dream. In no time I am proud to have served the local governments for more than two decades.

I now serve food for thoughts to nourish the spirit as I travel in different places. It is a priviledge to be able to share my expertise in human resources in governments, but it is quite fulfilling when one is inspired as I share the power of the human spirit.

- Imelda Roberts

People and Government

Naturally gregarious, Imelda Roberts' passion for people is the right fit for a professional career she is passionate about - human resources. Her passion for government work is also evident as she spent many years of her life serving local governments in the Washington, DC region.

She is a respected leader in several regional and national organizations serving governments.

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In contrast to her humble beginnings barely able to afford to go to public schools, she completed numerous training in various parts of the country, including advanced programs in prestigious universities including an Organization Development from the Georgetown University. She is a successful senior executive assuming critical roles in government in the world’s most powerful region in the world – the Washington, DC region.

In addition to her role as Director of Human Resources for a reputable regional council in Washington, DC Metropolitan area, she chaired and played leadership roles in preparing future government leaders occupying the highest position with a national consortium of human resources and training leaders in state and federal governments. A recipient of numerous awards from various employers, regional and national organizations, her career in human resources consistently reflected her passion for people and government.

Outside of her work, how has she used her creative energies in enhancing people management and government? Her over three decades of experience in human resources management was the source of inspiration for numerous voluntary projects she had done outside of her work culminating in impressive list of awards including the Jack Foster Executive Award, Ambassador's Regional Award, HR Leadership Award and more. Though she is happy to receive these accolades, her greatest satisfcation is seeing her contributions put to great use. It also inspired some of her past personal projects she shared with the HR community.


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