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I am blessed with the gift of writing about love, hope, faith, and dreams, and turn my poetry into musical stories. I hear the melody in my mind and produce the songs just the way I imagine them. The commercial aspect is secondary. What is more important is I am able to share authentic message from within me. Of the songs I have written, We are the Children of the World is one of my favorites mainly because of the message it brings to everyone about our children.

- Imelda Roberts


Children of the World

Imelda Roberts first song was We are the Children of the World, written in 2001. It was among the first songs she ever wrote following the events of 9/11.

This single song summarizes the personal thoughts she has about children of the world. her passion on this one single issue was so strong that she had this song produced in three languages, English, Filipino and Spanish. Envisioning that its message of hope for children will resonate in various countries, the song has now been translated in ten other languages.

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She also produced an animated music video version of this song. It will be launched in time World Youth Day. Her hope is to have her children song be heard in various countries and be a voice to over a billion children living in poverty.

In addition to the plight of underpriviledged children, Imelda now has grandchildren. As such she is sure to embark on other children-related projects inspired by her own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other loved ones

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