A Story of Life and Passion

Turning my passion into a beautiful creation is my way of giving back to my own Creator.

Welcome to ImeldaRoberts.com, a website inspired by the life, passion and creation of Imelda Roberts, 2006 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient. As the first Filipina-American woman to receive this prestigious award, Imelda joins the remarkable roster of distinguished Americans receiving this singular Honor with her name listed in the US Congressional Record. She considers this honor as a defining moment and the pinnacle of her life as an immigrant in America.

The release of her website is a testament to what we can do when one allows the heart and mind to freely embrace ones own passion. ImeldaRoberts.com is also about giving life to our dreams and using our own gifts to discover who we really are. In so doing we can fully create, live a life of purpose, joy and true satisfaction.

Imelda, a name rooted from the word Imena, (which in Arabic means faith, in Africa it means dreams, and in a Australia, it refers to a dreamer) continues to challenge herself in fulfilling the dreams that matter. Her actions and attitude for and about the world along with her creations showcase her true passion. Explore her website and see through Imelda's life and creations - what faith, dreams and passion can do to fuel ones spirit and inner purpose. May her own brand of passion transcend yours!

In Her Own Words - Living Up to What My Name Means

Living up to what my name means is certainly not easy, but I think my parents knew that I was born to dream. My life growing up in the Philippines taught me to live in the power of my own faith in God and dreams of a better life for my self and others.

I experienced throughout my life that with faith amazing things can happen. In my mind and even when I am alone, I vividly imagine my Creator, the universe, and those who matter in my life are with me as I pursue my dreams. I put my heart and mind in control as if I were already there.

Even things unknown become known. Things others thought I can't reach I see vividly in the palm of my hand. And who cares if sometimes things did not end up the way I had hoped. At the end of the road, what matter is the wisdom and joy this journey gave to my spirit. The sponteniety and meaning it brought to my sometimes stressful life is worth it.

When I turn my faith and dreams to pure joy of passion, when I truly appreciate life in its simplest form, a transformational journey occurs. I was blessed with gifts by my Creator. What I do with them is up to me. My life on earth is my own design. Turning my passion into a beautiful creation is my way of giving back to my own Creator.

~ Imelda Roberts


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