Causes Important to Us

Our passion is also our mission.

Through the work we do at Blue Dreams USA, and no matter how small, we hope we can lend support to meaningful causes important to us.

Imelda Roberts song, Pinoy Boomer, tells of story about a Filipino living abroad who wishes to go back to the Philippines after many years away from native land. The song evolved in an advocacy highlighting the great work and inspiration of many Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.


Imelda Roberts and her company supports the Tondo Millennium Challenge, a project addressing the needs of the poorest city in the Philippines where Imelda spent several years of her young life. Imelda Roberts also personally supports So Others May Eat (SOME), a homeless shelter that provides food for individuals and families who do not have a place to live in Washington, DC

Women, Children, and Family

Imelda Roberts is passionate about the plight of underpriviledged children and has written about them in her book and in her songs. She has also undertaken livelihood programs benefiting women. She personally has written about SOS Children's Village, a nonprofit organization with branches in several countries, as well as Mga Anak ng Inang Daigdig (Children of Mother Earth).

Human Resources, Governments, Others

Imelda Roberts has provided volunteer support on a number of nonprofit organizations and state projects. It has also provided its expertise in technology for the State of Maryland Access and Equity Project. It has also been involved in several worthy projects like Make a Difference and A Gift of Songs and Light Project benefiting the heroes and victims of 9/11.


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