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If you believe in what faith, passion and dreams can positively do to your life, to others, and the community you live, be one with us.

Imelda Roberts has collaborated and partnered with a number of organizations as well as individuals in a number of areas.

Imelda supports ANTHILL Fabric Gallery. It is the first creative social enterprise and a lifestyle store in Cebu bringing into one nest ingenuity, fashion, culture, advocacy and art. Imelda was impressed with the livelihood opportunities this company provides to communities and individuals. Imelda was delighted to explore with owners, Annie and Joy Anya Lim, bags made of indigineous fabrics materials from various tribes in the Philippines.

Imelda partnered with Fab Manila mainly because of the quality of work and sense of fashion of two sisters, Jen and Sheila Ignacio. She also saw the passion and dedication of Jen and Sheila who emerged highly successful in this very competitive field of fashion. Fab Manila came to be because of Jen and Sheila who absolutely love art, travel and of course bags! Imelda has designed exclusive bags and partnered with Jen and Sheila to give life to her designs..

Pinaflor specializes in embroidered fabrics and products. They are located in Lumban, Laguna, the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines. Imelda partnered with the mother-daughter tandem, Rhodora and Mae Anne Anonuevo on her embroidery and handpainted project. Imelda was pleased to see the work of women embroiderers and painters of this small town of Lumban.

Teamholix has been a partner to Imelda Roberts since 2005. They specialize in web designs, marketing collaterals, and graphics to make your products stand out. Imelda has been fortunate to have this team as her partner in creating graphics and other materials.

Ticog Mats are the premier handicraft of Basey, Samar, a small province located in Visaya, Philippines. Imelda partnered with Eva Marie Adona, a young lady of Ticog Mats Handicraft to provide additional livelihood opportunities for the weavers of her town in Basey, Samar. Imelda created exclusive designs of bags and woven mats.


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