The Birth of Passion Couture

Living a Life of Passion and Dreams

The richness of her life she measures by the wisdom and joy her creative passion brings to others. Ultimately, how her work and actions positively affect her family, others around her, the community she lives, and on a larger scale the world she lives matter greatly to her.

In a number of exciting creative roles Imelda played outside of her successful career as an HR executive, there is a common theme. Her lack of experience and background in an area she dreams about did not prevent her from pursuing what she loves or cares about. She is relentless in her pursuit of her creative passion, not letting anyone tell her that she can't do it just because she does not have the background or experience in it. Rather, she followed her heart and dreams. Who Imelda Roberts is today makes her a true PASSION Couture - Designing not only her own creations, but living her life of passion just the way she dreams it!

Passion Couture

With no fashion design experience, Imelda transforms her creative passion into a unique fashion collection and accessories. Inspired by nature and lovely elements around their farm, her signature collection is a true work of art and passion. Her BSM-ART Wear reflects her love and care about the environment. She is happy to share the joy of nature through her creations and designs.


Imelda has always been an award-winning prolific writer since elementary. In the US, it was during unlikely moments that her writing skills shine. When Imelda Roberts was denied an opportunity as a Recruiter in one of the leading newspaper companies in the US, she translated this adversity into opportunity. Without knowledge of book publishing and only a couple years after she arrived in the US, she wrote and published her own recruitment and employment book. Her first book was reviewed highly by the wold's premier library magazine, Library Journal, and other leading publishing magazines. As a result her book, Job Opportunities and Business Series, made it to various Career Centers and many bookstores in the United States.

In her book, Barefooted Soul, she once again proved that with passion you can finish writing an entire 333-page book in 40 consecutive nights. Her book, Barefooted Soul is her blueprint for what you now see and what has yet to come. Be inspired and learn why her story in this single book won her the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Song Writer

With no formal education in music, or songwriting experience, Imelda's first time to write songs made it in the news, including major printed newspapers in the Washington, DC region such as the Washington Times, Frederick News Post, The Gazette, and other local newspapers. She was also featured in onlines newspapers, magazines and television when she turned the adversity of 9/11 into a musical gift of songs. In just a couple of months she wrote over 14 songs and published a CD album. Since then, Imelda continues to write songs using her computer.

Her lyrics are musical stories about love, faith, hopes and dreams. With no music background, her passion to share these musical stories earned her distinguished recognition in the media and from various organizations. Her song, We are the Children of the World, was produced in three languages, English, Tagalog and Spanish, with translations in ten other languages. Hear her songs and fine melody that stirs your heart.


Imelda has been a subject matter expert and keynote speaker in human resources, technology and other related areas. Her passion however is best displayed when she speaks of causes and social issues important to her like poverty, domestic violence, and in many areas she is passionate about. Imelda has spoken in many organizations in the United States and major companies in the Philippines.

International Entrepreneur

Her passion takes her to various places to bring her creations to life. Her expanded network of friends and partners internationally inspires her to create a global circle of friends and supporters. As former President of First Magnitude International and currently the President for Blue Dreams USA, Inc. Imelda has established strong business connections in several countries.


She in an ultimate Optimist turning life's adversity to opportunity. Her creations mirror her enthusiasm and optimism about people and about life. From a life of abject poverty to prosperity, adversity to opportunity, this optimist has proven that her passion and positive actions can be a source of inspiration. Her faith moves her to achieve what her mind and heart truly believe.

Nature Lover

Beyond her passion for music, writing, designing, Imelda is a nature lover. Her designs reflect her connection with the environment, their farm, lovely flowers and other elements that speak of her love for nature.

"My father told me that even if I were poor, if I am rich with certain things that please my spirit like family and friends, and if I follow my dreams with all my passion then I have lived my life to the fullest. Money is good, but doing good things and following your passion are more pleasing to the heart," says Imelda.

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